Najimi – Meaning, Origin, Gender and Numerology


Choosing a name for your child can be an exciting but daunting task. It is a big decision, and one that will stay with them for their entire life. To help you make the right decision, let’s take a look at the meaning, gender and origin of the name Najimi. Najimi is a name of Lebanese origin, traditionally given to girls.

Meaning of Najimi

The name Najimi means Star and it is widely adopted for a female child. The meaning of Najimi name is traced Lebanese roots.

Be that as it may, Najimi can also mean Joyful depending on usage, transliteration or other possible factors.

Notably, Najimi means: Abounding in Joy; Star.

Origin of the name

The name Najimi is found in Lebanese traditions. The name get its meaning from this particular origin which plays a huge part in meaning of the name.

Najimi name Gender

As highlighted above, Najimi is a feminine name for female child. According to a handful of reports, the name is predominantly adopted for a baby girl, although certain discretion might allow the other way round.

General characteristics of the name

Considering the meaning of Najimi generally, let us see the general characters imbibed in the name naturally.

The followings are general traits and characters of any child named Najimi.

  • Cooperative
  • Sensitive
  • Adaptive
  • Passive
  • Diplomatic
  • Peaceful
  • Warm
  • Excellent partner
  • Kind
  • Balance
  • Friendly
  • Tactful

How Popular is the Name Najimi

Najimi is popular among people of Lebanese culture.

The name Najimi is widely used or adopted in the places such as: Lebanon and Senegal.

Najimi Numerology

According to numerology, Najimi expression or destiny number value is 2. See how to check yours here. However, the are emotional qualities, characters, and possible divine traits of the name Najimi are documented below:

As a 2 Destiny, your divine mission in this lifetime is to create harmony and balance. You are a natural healer, sent here to inspire and provide hope. By being open and receptive to your amazing intuitive gifts, you gain the ability to persuade others to help you through love and kindness.

Alphabetical Analysis of the name Najimi

N: The N introduces the concepts of imagination and free thinking. People with the letter N have a distinct and purposeful approach to life.

A: The letter A stands for assurance, independence, and initiative. It influences people with both leadership and motivation as part of a name.

J: J is self-sufficient, motivated, and brimming with potential. People with the letter J are adept at creating opportunities and forging their own path.

I: An I in a person’s name introduces tolerance and compassion. Their presence causes them to be altruistic, creative, and kind.

M: M enhances a person’s creativity and independence. It teaches creative thinking skills in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Najimi Special Behaviors

  1. Najimi cornerstone implies that: The person typically approaches life with originality, creativity, and sincere joy — as well as an authentic thrill when interacting with others. First letter in any name is called, Cornerstone. It portrays a general picture of personality, and individual interactions with life challenges and opportunities.
  2. Capstone on the other hand, is the last letter of a name. The person with capstone energy, symbolized by the letter “I,” makes decisions that are typically emotionally charged, such as cutting ties with a friend..
  3. Furthermore, individual first vowel in their name reveal deepest desires, urges, and the goals you bearer wishes to achieve. These people are: “A” suggests that you possess the wit and sass to handle any situation.

Fun Facts about Najimi

  • The name Najimi means Star.
  • The name Najimi has six letters.
  • Origin of Najimi is Lebanese origin.
  • The name is a feminine name
  • Najimi numerology destiny number is 2.
  • The cornerstone of the name Najimi is “N”.
  • The capstone of the name Najimi is “I”.
  • The first vowel is the name Najimi is “A”.

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